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Folyopak Packaging, established in 2016, in Gaziantep 2nd and 5th Industrial Zones as one of the companies of the Haskan Group and operates in packaging and PE granüle recycling at two separate factories. Production of POF Shrink Film, Polyethylene Film and Bag continues with Coex and Mono extruder machines. Folyopak Packaging Company with experienced human resources and superior technology infrastructure is the first and only POF Shrink Film manufacturer in Turkey in addition meets with its R&D activities with 10.000 m2 of indoor space including 14.000 m2 built on two separate factories. It has 140 employees and 1000 Tons/month PE Film and 1500 Tons/month recycle production capacity.

Company Profile

Our facility has 10.000 m2 closed area founded on 14.000 m2 land. Installed capacity of our company, which continuously...



Our products comply with the requirements of Turkish Food Codex regulations.



Our sustainability policies are based entirely on the negative impact on nature and human health.

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