History of Folyopak

We imagine and work to actualize those imaginations.

Folyopark was founded in 2016 to produce POF Shrink Film by making those unaccomplished in Turkey with coming together of experienced names in sector in Gaziantep within imagination being our most important existence and our high self reliance giving life to those imaginations. We believe that we have to work productive, disciplined and planned to actualize the imaginations, since we have a high self reliance.

We value to dynamism, innovativeness and creativeness in our all business processes. We invest in research and development and continue being pioneer of change and address of preliminaries. Polyethylene Film and Plastik Bag production were started by Coex machines in the last months of 2016 by continuing to the investments on the subject of production of Polyethylene packing materials together with determination of needs of the packing sector. It also increased the existing POF Shrink Film and Polyethylene production capacities by continuing to the investments in 2017.

Our facility  has 10.000 m2 closed area founded on 14.000 m2 land. Installed capacity of our company, which continuously expands and renew machine park by following-up the technologic developments closely, is 10.000 ton/year.  

We also know that commercial life will not change for the future years within importance of customer experience and satisfaction and progress with target of being a global company with a quick and egalitarian approach to all kinds of customer demands and expectations within our field of activity.


To be a packing company which protects its sustainable growth with the values in created in global market, is prefered with its competitive power, is trusted like a strategic partner and, is sensitive to environment and human.



To provide innovative and reliable products and solutions to its domestic and foreign customers in with high added value and to be a packing company by reducing foreign dependency and increasing brand recognition in the global targets within packing field of Turkey.



POF Shrink Film


Polyethylene Film


Board of Directors

Hasan Gürkan Bayram

Chairman of the Board

Mehmet Bozkan

Vice Chairman of the Board