Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest order in the products and services we provide, to manage the customer feedbacks effectively, to make delivery timely with effective usage of the resources by removing processes that do not create value, and to constitute a quality management system aiming continuous improvement.

  • Production

    5-layer double buble technology is used in POF Shrink film production. 3-layered Coex technology is used in polyethylene production.

  • Certificates

    Our polyethylene films cover reliability in contact with food and comply with requirements of Turkish Food Codex regulations. We have been certificated as “ISO 9001 - Quality Management System Certificate

  • Values

    Folyopak targets to reach happiness by acting in harmony with its customers and suppliers.

Environmental Policy

  • Environmental Liability

    Folyopak commits to provide comprehensive environment protection by considering existing legal legislations.

  • Continuous Improvement

    With our investments, we proceed with continuous development and improvements in a way to protect the ecological balance, with a sense of responsibility that considers not only our future but also the future of the generation.

  • Employees

    Our environment policy Folyopak employee management equips its employees with necessary all kinds of competences to carry-out conditions of the environment policy within Sustainability Framework. Environmentally friendly working conditions make significant contribution to satisfaction of the employees

  • To comply with all local and national laws and regulations related to the environment,
  • To take measures to reduce our wastes occurred during our activities and make continuous improvements,
  • To provide disposal or recovery of the wastes occurred in such a way foreseen by laws,
  • To determine Environment dimensions,
  • To consider them while determining purposes and targets, to train our Employees on the subject of Environmental Management System,
  • To use environment-friendly products and to consider those criteria while determining suppliers, to reduce usage of natural resources and to go towards consumption of recyclable materials,
  • To try to reduce emergency condition risks.