This global preference for plastics in consumer packaging is driving rapid growth and the annual production of millions of tons of plastic. By2030, the global annual production of plastic waste will reach more than 400 million tons (National Geographic). When plastics are dumped in nature, they last for many years without decomposing, rusting, dissolving, or biodegrading. In nature, it takes between 450 and 1,000 years to vanish.

Recycling, which is one of humanity's most powerful solutions to global warming and climate change issues, is critical for the future of all humanity. Recycling conserves limited natural resources and saves energy by using recyclable waste instead of producing new waste, thus contributing to the economy. While humanity's demand for all types of resources grows by the day, re-processing and recycling used products plays a significant role in reducing reliance on natural resources. We can prevent them from suffering from resource scarcity by leaving resources for future generations to use.

Although the recycling market has been steadily growing since the European Union committed to making at least 25% of packaging materials from recycled materials by 2025, the need appears to be much greater than current capacity.

As Folyopak, we recognize that in the twenty-first century, sustainability has become a necessity rather than a choice for humanity.

Because we do not exist unless the world exists.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”
Native American Proverb

With a recycling capacity of 60 tons per day, we produce raw materials by recycling the Polyethylene plastic wastes that we procure from various sources, which do not dissolve in nature, by selecting, sorting, and washing them without the use of chemicals, and by recycling them at a 100% rate. Environmental and noise pollution are never created in our facility in accordance with all environmental standards. 

Air pollution-causing emissions, such as dust or gases, are not produced as sound (noise), light, radiation, or vibration emissions. All machines in our environmentally friendly recycling facility have a water treatment system, do not produce dirty waste water, and use as little clean water as possible.

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Bizden Haberler

Germany Interpack Fair 2023

We met with our customers and responsibilities from all over the world at the Interpack fair, which is one of the most important and distinguished fairs of the packaging industry. We would like to thank our valuable visitors who visited our stand.

Eurasia Packaging Fair 2022

Folyopak took its place at the Eurasia Packaging Fair held in Istanbul between 12-15 September. We would like to thank our valuable visitors and fair participants who visited our stand.

Packaging Innovations & Empack Fair 2022

Folyopak took its place at the Packaging Innovations Fair held in the UK between 25-26 May. We would like to thank our valuable visitors and fair participants who visited our stand.