Modern living requirements necessitate not only design and comfort, but also environmental friendliness. People are finally accepting that there is a link between their consumption habits and environmental pollution and the climate crisis, and they are beginning to change their habits accordingly.

In response to these consumer demands, many global brands aim to make 100% of the plastic packaging used in their products reusable, recyclable, and compostable by 2025.

As Folyopak, in collaboration with our suppliers and customers, we are constantly making technical improvements, research, and innovations for high quality and durable products made of 100% recyclable materials, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. We currently manufacture 35% of our products using raw materials obtained from the recycling facility. We are rapidly increasing our investment and development studies in order to increase this rate. Recycling products, which are in high demand in the market, are preferred not because they are more cost effective, but because they do not add to the burden on the environment. Our products are appealing to all global markets because the importance of sustainability is not limited to geography or market. We also help our customers achieve their sustainability goals through the products we manufacture.

Our goal at Folyopak is to use more recycled raw materials that are 100% recyclable, as well as to develop 100% recyclable, mono-structured packaging to replace composite packaging materials in order to achieve sustainability goals and reduce climate impact until 2025. Because sustainability is an integral part of our innovation and development strategy, we believe that our responsibility does not end when we sell products. Our top strategic priority is to design products that are recyclable.

Sustainability and innovation, which are the cornerstones of our corporate culture, on the other hand, allows us to view innovation as a benefit-oriented understanding on the user's side, rather than a one-sided benefit-generating process (such as developing a new material or introducing a cost-cutting feature in manufacturing processes). Our approach to innovation consists of a three-sided structure: We as Folyopak, our customers and the earth as a whole. We have raised the bar for design and innovation in our field from the beginning, working closely with engineers and some of the industry's leading product designers to offer our customers safe, innovative, and environmentally friendly products.

As a result, by making innovative developments in production, planning, and many other areas, we are looking for ways to leave a much better world to our children, just as our fathers did for us, or even through innovative developments. Therefore, we adopt environmental awareness as a corporate culture, andwe strive to develop this sensitivity in depth in each of our employees.

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Bizden Haberler

Germany Interpack Fair 2023

We met with our customers and responsibilities from all over the world at the Interpack fair, which is one of the most important and distinguished fairs of the packaging industry. We would like to thank our valuable visitors who visited our stand.

Eurasia Packaging Fair 2022

Folyopak took its place at the Eurasia Packaging Fair held in Istanbul between 12-15 September. We would like to thank our valuable visitors and fair participants who visited our stand.

Packaging Innovations & Empack Fair 2022

Folyopak took its place at the Packaging Innovations Fair held in the UK between 25-26 May. We would like to thank our valuable visitors and fair participants who visited our stand.